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Professional mentoring to help navigate life's detours


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do you need help with any of the following:

 *  Re-building your self-esteem

*  Discovering who you are after your life has been turned upside down

*  Finding your purpose again

*  Creating new goals for you new life

*  Working through anger and resentment

*  Learning how to date, figuring out what you want in an intimate relationship, or if you even want to get involved again

*  Getting closure and moving on

do you find yourself

Unable to sleep

Eating too much or too little

Drinking more than you would like

Spending too much money

Feeling angry all the time

Having frequent crying spells

Overwhelmed about the future

Professional mentoring can help

If you are going through a divorce, or have recently been divorced, you know how hard life can become overnight.  Life as you knew it is over, now what?  That's where a great mentor can help you put your life back together, even better than before.  A mentor can help you sort through the wreckage and find solid ground again.  They can help you figure out your next steps and how to get to your next goals.  A mentor is someone outside of your circle of family and friends, so they won't take sides or get caught up in the drama.  We are not here to judge, we are just here to help you put get your life on track.

Afraid you can't afford a mentor?

That is a very valid concern.  Chances are if you are in the process of or have gone through divorce, your funds are limited.  We have many options for services so that you can choose whatever works best for you.  If you just need someone to call once in a while, there's a plan for that.  If you want to be able to email anytime you need to but don't need any face to face time, there's a plan for that. There might be a time when you need to come into the office  every week for 2 or 3 weeks in a row, but then you don't need to come in for another 3-4 weeks, there's a plan for that.  You get to decide what works for you.  You are in control of how much you spend.

The other thing to consider is how much you might be spending on other ways of dealing with your feelings that aren't really helping - alcohol, shopping, time off from work due to depression or illness, eating, or other things.  These things only help temporarily.  Mentoring can help for the long term, making it less expensive in the long run.

too busy to work with a mentor?

We certainly understand that!  Our hope is that our time together won't be just another thing on your to do list that takes more out of you.  Yes, sometimes there will be tears and it might be tough, but we also hope that our time together will be renewing and inspiring.  It can be a time out from the rest of your chaotic schedule to sit in a very calming space, and just breathe.   And if your schedule doesn't work with traditional office hours, messaging might be a perfect fit.  You can send your mentor a message when you have a quick minute, and read the response at your convenience.  Don't let a busy schedule keep you from getting support that will help you get to a better place.

Taking care of yourself can actually give you energy to more efficiently tackle the rest of your life.

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1269 N Cleveland Ave., Loveland, CO 80537

(970) 988-6978